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I disagree, I use my own preparation of Gill's #3 and use acid alcohol to
differentiate.  I have seen this technique routinely used at huge
university teaching hospitals (UTMB Galveston).   Bancroft's book states
that Gill #1 is regressive.  If #1 is regressive then surely #3 is, being a
stronger prep.   I'll stand up my Gills stain to any Harris for darkness.
Must depend on the hands it is in.  Sarah

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>>> Shelley Sheridan <> 01/12 10:36 AM >>>

I would highly recommend using Harris instead of Gills.  You have more
control during differentiation because you can over-stain and then go back.
With Gills you are unable to do that.  Using Harris gave us a much darker
stain, which showed us more nuclear detail.

Shelley K. Sheridan
Research Specialist
Center for Neurodegenerative Disease Research
University of Pennsylvania Medical School
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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