From:Anita Jennings <>

There are two (at least) "schools" on GFP One is direct visualization after
incorporation and the other involves immuno procedures using anti-GFP. When
you get responses to your question keep this in mind. I have sectioned many
frozen samples, covered slipped and viewed GFP direct. I have never had
successful visualization without using an antibody on processed tissue. When
you receive information regarding processed samples with direct
visualization PLEASE share the procedure on line as I know it is important
to many. anita

> From: Angeline Martin-Studdard <>
> Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2001 08:19:45 -0500
> To:
> Subject: GFP
> Hello All,
> I will soon be delving into the visualization of GFP positive cells that have
> been transplanted into normal mice.  I have seen a few blips on the histonet
> regarding problems with this protein.  I will be working with brain tissue
> sections and will try both frozen and paraffin embedded.  I'd like to know if
> anyone else has experience with this.  Can the fluorenscence from the protein
> still be seen after processing of the tissue or does it require detection
> and/or amplification?
> Any advice or assistance you can offer will be very helpful.
> thank you,
> angeline
> angeline martin
> cell biology and anatomy
> medical college of georgia
> augusta, ga

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