Re: FilemakerPro users

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Tim Morken (at CDC in Atlanta), among others, has expressed enthusiasm for
FileMaker Pro which I'd like to add to.

FileMaker Pro originated on Macintosh, and is kept up to date both on Mac and
on Windows. I believe it still has the largest market share for data bases on
the Mac. I've done some rather elementary data bases with it, and found it
extremely easy to use.

My wife is a FoxPro developer. (This application was bought several years ago
by MicroSoft, and Bill Gates is slowly killing it, or at best pushing it into
a small niche.) She thinks quite well of FileMaker Pro, and uses it to
catalog the appalling number of books we have in our house - OK, I'll 'fess
up, it's gone over 3,000 books, and she doesn't catalog my medical books or
my foreign language books!

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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