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From:Geoff McAuliffe <mcauliff@UMDNJ.EDU> (by way of histonet)
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Kimberly Carter wrote:

> Dana- you may want to look into the legal aspects of selling your tissue
> blocks. There is ongoing legal and moral debate over the outright
> selling of tissue for profit. It is one thing to sell control slides
> with tissue on them, since the expense can be attributed to the price of
> processing the slides. But to outright sell tissue is generally frowned
> upon. I worked with a program that supplies investigators with needed
> tissues for research projects. The issue of selling tissue was greatly
> discussed. We were grant funded and didn't make a profit. Also, we only
> charged a fee to handle the expense of processing the requests. But,
> since I was working as a histotech, I did not handle and do not remember
> all the details of the issue of selling tissue. Sorry, but I cannot
> supply you with more details. Are there any other histonetters who have
> had to deal with this issue?
>                                                         Kim Carter

    As a patient, I would be very upset if my tissues were sold for someone
else's profit. The tissue is mine, I paid a physician to remove it, I paid a
lab to process it, I paid a  pathologist to interpret it and then someone
will sell it without my knowledge for a profit which will not be shared with
me?? Who wants to defend this practice when the "Sixty Minutes" crew shows
up? Or am I totally out of touch with the financial realities of the times?

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