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Hello All;

A further update on automated stainers to any interested parties:

The HBIC Stainer with Touch Screen Automation has just become available to
the laboratory community. It offers loads of features, including full
Graphical User Interface, internal or buffer rinse station and external rinse
station, (both of which can also be used as stain stations), an automatic
blotter for minimal carry over, virtually unlimited programmability, and
built-in, easy to remove, activated charcoal filter system. It's small enough
to fit on any counter and engineered to be totally use friendly and provide
years of trouble free performance.

Please contact H/I if you require further details.

Best regards,

Elfi Hacker
HACKER Instruments & Industries Inc
Tel: 1-800-4-HACKER or (973) 226-8450
Fax: (973) 808-8281
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