Re: Anti-H. Pylori Question

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From:Amos Brooks <> (by way of histonet)
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    Our lab does a routine HPY stain on GI biopsies (Alcian Yellow). The
doctors then ask for HPY-IHC on
suspicious cases. (Obvious positive cases do not need the extra charge) We
antigen retrieve the sections by
steaming them in citrate buffer for 20 min. We then incubate for 30 min
(room temp.) using DAKO primary
antibodt at 1:100. Then Envision + as a detection kit.
    There seems to be far less background staining with this detection kit
than with LSAB+ but the kit costs
Amos Brooks

Sandy Julsing wrote:

> Hello Histonetters,
>    I have two questions re: anti H.Pylori.
> ~We are using DAKO's antibody at 1:400 15 minutes
> ~10 min AR in steamer and citrate buffer pH 5.8
> ~LSAB+ 15 min, 15 min, 5 min
> My questions are...
> 1-How far out have others diluted the anti-H Pylori and using which
>antigen retrieval and detection kit?
> 2-Do you do a rapid Giemsa or Diff-Quik first and use  the anti H.Pylori
>only if it is negative?
> Thanks a bunch - Sandosis

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