Re: Alk Protein Antibody

From:Richard Cartun <>

We use DAKO's mAb to ALK-1 protein (M7195) at a dilution of 1:50 for a 30' minute incubation or 1:500 for overnight incubation with EnVision+/DAB+ detection.  DAKO's regular pH retrieval solution (steamer or waterbath) is used to improve immunoreactivity.  More importantly, please make sure that you have a good positive control.  Not all CD30+ anaplastic large cell lymphomas express the ALK-1 protein.  I have control tissue if you need it.

R. Cartun

>>> "Fessler, Jim" <> 01/11/01 08:37AM >>>
I am trying to get the Alk Protein monoclonal antibody from Dako to work
(with no success).  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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