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College of American Pathologists(CAP) publishes a "Quality Improvement Manual
for Anatomic Pathology". Their web site is
Hope this is a help.

Paula Wilder wrote:

> Hello Histonetters,
> I was wondering if anyone on the Histonet could help advise and steer me in
> the right direction?  I am a Histotech with no supervisory experience.  I
> have just been appointed the AP Coordinator and Quality Improvement person
> for our lab, having full responsibility for the operations of Anatomic
> Pathology as well as assessing the need for improvement (this is a newly
> created position).  My primary goal is quality improvement, but I am not
> sure how to proceed.  Initially my thoughts are to visit other area
> hospitals and observe how they operate and then compare that to the flow in
> our laboratory.  Is there anyone else in this position who has some advice
> to share?  I would be extremely grateful for any and all help.  Thank you so
> much!
> Paula Wilder
> St. Joseph Medical Center
> Towson, MD. 21204
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