RE: how did histologist manage to get section with cryostat?

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From:Emma Carter <> (by way of histonet)
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	This is an interesting discussion.

	I use dto use a Leica CM 1750 cryostat, with solid steel knives
and a plastic anti-roll plate (i cant remember the number). I goe great
sections right down to 5um and up as far as 100um. However, the Cm 3000
that we had, which had disposable knives was a bitch to get anything
other than thick sections from.....(i later found out that it had been
set up completely wrong....duh. This is what happend when not histology
trained types get to equip,ment prior to ones appointment in the post.
Oh well).

	Anyways, now i have a nice new Leica CM 3050, with disposable
knives, and a glass antiroll plate, and it cuts a dream. I cut muscle,
brain and tumour tissue, and have no problem. I do occaisionally need to
use my little paintbrush, and so i keep one in the chamber as a stand
by, but on the whole i dont hvae any problems with it. With one
exception. The glass roll plate has a tendency to get chipped if drpped,
or if the metal mount of the brush catches it a bit hard, and they are
expensive to replace..........

	anyway, just my 2 cents worth........


	Ps course, i have only just come back from my holiday,........i
crossed the pond and came to Boston, this means i have come
into this thread halfway along, so i apologise.....

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