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We are a 400-bed adult and children's hospital.  I have 5 techs with 4
pathologists.  We performed almost 10,000 sugicals last year.  I have to
front load my staff early in the morning to get all the H&E slides out by
8:30 AM.  Our cutoff for specials is 10:00AM (except for  GMS, Gram, PAS,
Giemsa, Iron.)  After 10:00, they will be ready the next day.  H&E recuts
are performed until 4:00PM.  Immunos are out the next day because we have an
overnight incubation in the oven.  (Occassionally, ususally Friday, we'll
run stat immunos, but the pathologists realize that if the tissue falls off,
the case won't be repeated until Monday)

Joe Nocito, B.S., HT(ASCP)QIHC
Histology Supervisor
Christus Santa Rosa Hospitals
San Antonio, Texas

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> Subject:	Turn around times
> Question,
>                               What are your turn around times for special
> stains, immunos and deepers?  We are a private hospital/group (~19,000
> cases/year, 5 techs) and have sameday turn around times for special stains
> and deepers ordered before 2:00 pm.  The turn around for immunos is same
> day if ordered before 8:30 am (we have 2 hour incubations!!!).  All
> replies would be helpful, please indicate if you are an acedemic setting
> and case load/staff number.  Thank you....very much!!
> Tammy Barnhart, BS, HTL (ASCP)
> Anatomic Pathology Supervisor
> Pathology Consultants/St. Alexius Medical Center
> Bismarck, ND

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