RE: OCT: What's in it? Is it good? Etc (Rather long)

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From:Emma Carter <> (by way of histonet)
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>  John A. Kiernan wrote:
>   There is a down-side to OCT, gelatin and other polymeric support
>   substances. They do not go away, and you end up with gooey
>   material in the grooves of your microtome chuck, all over your
>   knife, around every section (cryostat) or mixed up with the
>   free-floating sections (cryostat or freezing microtome).
>    I have a Leica CM 3050 Cryostat, and use OCT Tissue-Tek as a
> support medium. I trim it right back before cutting, as i find
> sometimes it catching on the knife and pulls the tissue. I find it
> washes off no problem, and comes off when i fix or rinse my section in
> buffer, and dont have any trouble with it. As for getting it off the
> equipment...if it gets onto my chucks and things, i just wash them in
> water and then dry them thoroughly in a hot oven before putting them
> back in the cold chamber.
> Basically, i have had no trouble with it at all.......
> Emma Carter
> Oxford Biomedica (UK) Ltd

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