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	I was in a similar situation a few years ago, I walked into a new
job and was handed a rather lengthy list of CAP deficiencies. I found the
best approach was to go through the CAP checklist one area at a time and
make sure each question could be addressed and documented, (I didn't even
have a procedure manual to start with).  Once you can answer all the
questions, then you start refining the documentation so that it is simple
for a non histotech to understand.  Depending on what type of information
system you are using, loads of information can be entered when a specimen is
logged in, or resulted that will be retrieved in report form on a monthly
	Hope this helps.

Cheryl Monteverde
Bassett Army Hospital
Ft. Wainwright,AK

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Date: 9 Jan 2000 07:15:16 -0600
From: "Tony Henwood" <>
Subject: Re: Histotechnology Annual Report

Dear Muhammad,

> Happy New Year! I would like to prepare Histotechnology Annual Report for
> my department head. Dose any one know how to prepare, what thinks should
> cover? Could some one please guide me in the right direction.

To everyone out there in histoland all the best Y2K. I'm just back
from a sunny holiday in northern NSW and look like a PLUMP red
tomato. Also congratulations to my friends in Pakistan on a great
one-day cricket win over Australia!!!

Now to the task in hand, some ideas:
	Workload esp compared to previous years,
	New tests introduced,
	Any research &/or development done in the lab,
	Papers presented by staff at meetings over the year,
	Goals for next year.

I hope this helps,
Regards, TonyH

Tony Henwood
Senior Scientist
Anatomical Pathology
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital


Date: 9 Jan 2000 09:45:25 -0600
From: Marcia Bentz <>
Subject: 1998 Histonet buttons

Hi all,
As of 1/9/99 all the leftover buttons are spoken for. Thanks to all who
wanted to help take them off my hands! Just maybe in the future I'll help
out with making them again.



Date: 9 Jan 2000 10:31:06 -0600
Subject: auto ihc stainers

i use the dako auto stainer.  it does 48 slides, is easy to program and
completly versitile for research.  i often do my runs overnight as it does
take a long time to run, the more slides the longer it takes.  it will apply
buffer every hour after the run is done to keep the slides from drying out
and it is so nice to come in in the am and have your work done for you.  i
do a lot of odd things that require exotic detections, such as anti-chicken
link, and the dako accomondates easily.  you can use dako's reagents or
anything you want. their xylene proof labels are wonderful also. some
research people at my university who have been using ventana are coming to
me for info on the dako because the ventana is so expensive and does not
easily adapt to odd reagents required in research.
patsy ruegg


Date: 9 Jan 2000 13:45:53 -0600
From: "Greer, Patricia" <>
Subject: RE: Labvision immunostainer


It is probably the same machine as the DAKO - Lab Vision was the
manufacturer of the DAKO Autostainer.  I had understood that DAKO had
exclusive rights to sell in the U.S.

Patricia W. Greer, MT,HTL(ASCP)
Centers for Disease Control
Infectious Disease Pathology
Mail Stop G-32
Atlanta, GA 30333
phone: 404-639-2811

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From: Gayle Callis []
Sent: Friday, January 07, 2000 3:43 PM
Subject: Labvision immunostainer

Is anyone using the new Lab Vision Autostainer?  Looks good in terms of
being able to do 48 slides, and overnight incubations (at what temperature?
cold?), and total flexibility for your own reagents, protocols.

Just curious about what is new on the market,

Gayle Callis


Date: 9 Jan 2000 18:15:37 -0600
From: "BB racing" <>
Subject: Re Automated Immunohistochemitry

I would like to echo Margaret Jennings comments on the Shandon Cadenza,  as
probably the easiest to use, most reliable, and the most versatile
on the
market.  The thing I really like about it is that you can program several
totally different
methodologies into the unit, and call them up with the press of a button.
fact if our
medical system wasn't in such dire financial striates here in B.C. I would
love to purchase
another unit and use it for doing many of our special stains, such as our
Trichromes, Gram Stains, Elastics etc. as it would be a great time saver.
Another feature
that I like is its simplicity, so when the unit does go down, (which is
seldom) it is easy and
inexpensive to repair.  If you are are just getting into
I would highly
recomend it's purchase.  If you are on a very tight budget, as I am, you
check with
the company and see what they have available in second hand units.  I just
purchased a
very nice one year old  factory refurbished unit with a full one year
for $15,000
Can (That's about $10.000 US.)
Kerry Beebe
Kelowna General Hospital
Kelowna B.C.


Date: 9 Jan 2000 19:30:28 -0600
From: "Paula Wilder" <>
Subject: AP Coordinator Help

Hello Histonetters,

I was wondering if anyone on the Histonet could help advise and steer me in
the right direction?  I am a Histotech with no supervisory experience.  I
have just been appointed the AP Coordinator and Quality Improvement person
for our lab, having full responsibility for the operations of Anatomic
Pathology as well as assessing the need for improvement (this is a newly
created position).  My primary goal is quality improvement, but I am not
sure how to proceed.  Initially my thoughts are to visit other area
hospitals and observe how they operate and then compare that to the flow in
our laboratory.  Is there anyone else in this position who has some advice
to share?  I would be extremely grateful for any and all help.  Thank you so


Paula Wilder
St. Joseph Medical Center
Towson, MD. 21204
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Date: 9 Jan 2000 19:30:54 -0600
Subject: unscribe


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