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high profile 76 x 14 x 0.43mm
low profile 76x8x0.25mm
The low profile is the standard dimensions of most brands. We distribute 
Sturkey (of USA) blades in our market. In North America you can purchase those 
blades from Sturkey direct. The high profile blades are more popular with 
cryostats since they are more robust and dimensionally more stable.
There is more detail in our online (Home>Contents> page U1)

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On Thursday, January 04, 2001 12:52 AM, Michael J. Lyon 
[] wrote:
> We are reaching the end of our supply of disposable cryostat blades for our
> Zeiss/Microm cryostat which were purchased quite a while ago.  Of course we
> purchased them through Zeiss who no longer manufactures them.  In addition,
> since my memory is what it is, I can no longer remember the difference
> between the high versus low profile blade.  What I can remember is that it
> had something to do with the type of tissue being cut.
> Would someone please help me out?
> Thanks
> Mike
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