RE: Coverslipping without clearing

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From:"Yaskovich, Ruth A (NIDCR)" <RYaskovich@DIR.NIDCR.NIH.GOV> (by way of histonet)
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Coverslipping without clearing. I had to cut tubes embedded in L.R. White a
plastic and coverslipped in Permount without clearing my co worker showed me a
trick to put it on a slide warming tray for a day or so, then bubbles
disappeared. I haven't used any other mounting media but it would be worth
a try
with any of them.
Ruth Yaskovich
N.I.D.C.R. N.I.H.

	From: 	Instrumedics, Inc.
	Sent: 	Monday, January 3, 2000 1:20 PM
	To: 	HistoNet Server
	Subject: 	Coverslipping without clearing

	Does anyone have experience with coverslipping dehydrated sections
	going through any clearing agent.

	Jon in Yuba City finds that bubbles develop after a couple of days. He
	wonders whether anybody has any advice.

	He wants to try CureMount to see if it would work. I hope it does,
but I
	have not tried that!


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