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Regarding the cork disc issue; I used these when doing research on rabbit
myocardium.  They are much cheaper (I bought a bag of corks and had my
husband slice them up on his band saw) than metal object holders and take up
less storage space in the freezer.  Also, there is much less chance of
thawing your tissue when removing it from the metal object holder if you
have the insulating cork there.  I simply applied gum taraganth (sp?), or
you could use something like Instrumedics' Cryo-Gel, to the slice of cork,
positioned my tissue on it and froze the whole works in isopentane cooled by
liquid nitrogen.  When ready to section, you just mount the bottom of the
cork onto a metal object disc.

This worked pretty slick for me.

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As a latecomer to frozen sectioning etc.  I was wondering about the
for the cork discs.  I have received frozen samples from Europe for a
collaborative study and I wondered about the rationale for mounting samples
cork discs.   It seems to me that cork doesnt conduct heat very well as
to metal.  Does this affect the preservation of the samples?  
Thanks you,


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>>         A question for UK Histologists. 
>>         After many years I'm running out of cork discs for cryostat
>> and unfortunately I can't remember who supplied them. Please, anyone
>> cork discs, where did you buy them. 
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