RB, MDM2, p16INK4

From:Leo Levesque <LLevesque@exchange.hsc.mb.ca>

 We have tried to get the following antibodies working for us but have not
had any success.
Mouse Retinoblastoma Protein  (RB)  -from PharMingen Int.  Cat # 14001A
MDM2  -from Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.  Cat # SC-965
p16INK4  -from ParMingen Int  Cat # 13251A
We have followed suggestions on the spec sheets, tried these with and
without antigen retrieval.  We have also tried using high sensitivity
detection systems but without success.

I would like to hear from anyone having experience with these antibodies.
If the antibody did work, please send a protocol.
Also, I am interested in knowing what other companies supply these
antibodies and if anyone has implemented these techniques.

Leo Levesque
Charge Technologist
Health Sciences Centre
Winnipeg, MB
E-mail: llevesque@exchange.hsc.mb.ca

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