From:"Decarli, Terri" <TerDec@northarundel.org>

The Maryland Society of Histotechnologists is hosting the NSH Region II
March 8th, 9th,and half day on the 10th @ the Radisson Hotel at the Village
of Cross Keys in Baltimore, Md.  Some topics that will be available are:

Breast Cancer/Personal Perspective
Breast Cancer/Surgical Experience
Breast Cancer/Humor Weapon
Animal Research
Troubleshooting the H&E
Roundtable Discussion
Building an IHC Section in Histology
Metabolic Bone Disease
Bone and Cartilage
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Sherlockian Lecture
Fish Research
Cyberspace Internet 
Animal Research Wet workshop
Microwave processing

National speakers are Ada Feldman, Ethel Macrea, John Murdock and Steven

Contact Terri DeCarli for more information @ 410 787-4546
Programs will be out shortly.  I have Pa, NJ and Delaware member labels. I'm
still waiting for Virginia labels for the program.  My e-mail address is

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