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Happy New Year everyone!

I'm not very familiar with the use of Wright-Giemsa and May-Grunwald
stains.  I've had limited experience in using these two stains.
I understand that these two stains are two different staining formulations,
but  I've been asked to find out if The May-Grunwald  stain will
demonstrate viruses in any  form in paraffin sections.  If it does what is
the expected result ( how will it be demonstrated) ?  Does it demonstrate
Viral Inclusion bodies of only some viruses and not others?  I know a
Wright Giemsa will demonstrate various parasites and bacteria on a blood
smear, but do not know if it demonstrates viruses in Paraffin tissue
The person I'm asking for is a customer that is specifically looking for
Adenovirus.  I've suggested they find a vendor that sells the Adenovirus
antibody, but they seem intent on using May-Grunwald.  If M-G works, would
a regular Wright Giemsa work ?

Your Knowledgeable input is ,as always, very much appreciated.

Mark Lewis

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