Cryopreservation solution for tissue slices?

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From:Bret Morrow <> (by way of histonet)
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I am stuck with a freezer which sneaks down to -30 oC on weekends when I
am not hear to yell at it.  The problem is that I have loads of 50 um
brain tissue saved in cryopreservation solutions which only protect down
to about -20 to -25 oC.  To avoid damage from ice crystals, I would like
to use a cryo solution which could go a bit lower.  Does anyone have a
receipe for such a solution.  The one we are currently using is as

Sucrose                                    150 g
Ethylene Glycol                        150 ml
Phosphate buffer (0.1 M)         250 ml
make upto 500 ml with water

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Bret A. Morrow, Ph.D.
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Yale University School of Medicine
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