CryoGel embedding medium

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From:"Instrumedics, Inc." <> (by way of histonet)
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CryoGel, Instrumedics' embedding medium, does contain about 10% sucrose.
However, as John Kiernan points out, it is necessary for the tissue to
remain in the Gel for several hours for any cryoprotection.

CryoGel is very viscous, and doesn't run, which users like very much. It
avoids a lot of messiness. It also eliminates having to remove frozen
overflow from the specimen holder, which often occurs with liquidy media,
to seat  it properly in the microtome chuck.

CryoGel comes in a pump dispenser which allows you to easily dispense the
gel even when little gel remains in the bottle! Makes it economical!

You can request a sample!


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