CJD one final comment

From:LuAnn Anderson <ander093@gold.tc.umn.edu>

Hi again,

Sorry, but I just don't get this!! When precautions are available, why wouldn't 
you WANT to take them to protect yourself and others?? Yes, I know the risk is 
probably minimal,and yes,I know cases will sneak through, but when presented 
with a suspect case where the patient had classic symtoms and EEG readings, it 
seems silly not to take ALL available precautions, hassle or not!! My son's 
biology class is doing dissections (pig brain, cow heart etc.) and the school 
has been told in no uncertain terms that the kid's must wear gloves while 
dissecting. These are low risk tissues obtained specifically for teaching 
purposes, however, low risk does not exempt them from taking proper precautions.

Marilyn. yes, small labs throughout Minnesota send their suspected cases either 
to the University or the Mayo for diagnosis. THey tend not to be set up for 
doing these procedures. I too, thought this was pretty standard practice.

I loved the SETI motto.

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