CJD and other things


I don't want to be one of those to beat this CJD thing into the ground, but 
there are a couple of other aspects to CJD cases.

We occasionally get Alzheimer's cases referred to us that turn out to be CJD, 
and visa versa. I am sure there are other miss diagnosed cases out there as 
well that unsuspecting histotechs have handled.

Treating tissues with strong chemicals prior to processing can intefere with 
later immunohistochemical reactions, especially if the case is not CJD

We hung onto an old technicon Duo that we use just for suspected CJD cases. 
The containers and baskets are bleached after each run. It should be in a 
museum but it runs just fine!

Our policy in the morgue is that we will do autopsies only on embalmed 
suspected CJD cases and the brain is WELL fixed for a long time in stronger 
than normal formalin.

Mike Titford
USA Pathology
Mobile AL

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