Brit. qualifications/overseas work

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From:"RUSS ALLISON" <> (by way of histonet)
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If you have UK qualifications and now work outwith (as the Scots
say) the mother country, the Institute of Biomedical Science may
have an interest in you!!
If you feel so inclined, could you make contact with Alex - his
address is below.  questions he would like answered are:
1.   What are your British qualifications - school, university,
professional and/or other.

2.   How were you able to apply your skills/knowledge in the
"overseas country"?

3.   What was/is your role and how does it differ from any UK role
you filled?

3.  What have you (are you) gained (gaining) from your experience?

As you may guess from the above, this is not some kind of
statistical investigation, but a hunt for interesting stories from ex-

The contact is Alex at the IBMS, with the Address:

Many thanks - and if you know a non-histologist in a similar
position, perhaps you would be kind enough to pass the request on.
Russ Allison,
Dental School

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