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From:Kimberly Carter <> (by way of histonet)
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Dana- you may want to look into the legal aspects of selling your tissue
blocks. There is ongoing legal and moral debate over the outright
selling of tissue for profit. It is one thing to sell control slides
with tissue on them, since the expense can be attributed to the price of
processing the slides. But to outright sell tissue is generally frowned
upon. I worked with a program that supplies investigators with needed
tissues for research projects. The issue of selling tissue was greatly
discussed. We were grant funded and didn't make a profit. Also, we only
charged a fee to handle the expense of processing the requests. But,
since I was working as a histotech, I did not handle and do not remember
all the details of the issue of selling tissue. Sorry, but I cannot
supply you with more details. Are there any other histonetters who have
had to deal with this issue?

                                                        Kim Carter

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