From:"J. A. Kiernan" <>

                                       2 Jan 2001
 Hello UWO Help Desk,

 For about 3 weeks I have received no emails from the HistoNet

 At least one message sent by me has been received by other
 HistoNet subscribers, and I have gone through the motions of
 unsubscribing and subscribing again. The usual acknowledgements
 from HistoNet did not arrive.

 Another regular email correspondent tried to send me a message
 and was repulsed (quite wrongly) as a "recognized spammer." Is 
 it possible that has somehow flagged the worthy
 HistoNet listserver as a spammer?  If this is so, please 
 put things right. Histonet ( is
 a superbly run listserver that almost never transmits a spam
 message. I have been a HistoNet subscriber for nearly 5 years
 and have seen perhaps 3 or 4 spams since 1996.

 Please do what you can to restore my access to HistoNet. There
 are also quite a few other people in and around London Ont who 
 collect pearls of wisdom from this listserver every day.

Thanks for doing what you can.
  J. A. Kiernan MB, ChB, PhD, DSc,
  Professor, Dept of Anatomy & Cell Biology,
  The University of Western Ontario,
  London,  Canada  N6A 5C1
    Phone:  (519) 661-2111  ext. 86822
    FAX :   (519) 661-3938 (Department office) 

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