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Richard and everyone,
I forgot to say that besides units of service  (UOS) counts and
staffing, we also can show how work is not completed in a standard time
frame by using designated quality and services indicators as daily
measurements. For example, in Histo we see if all our rush slides are
out by "X" time and if not, what percentage are; with a leeway threshold
of say 90%. We have 3 other indicators and I can say for certain when
one person is out for vacation ( 3 of us have 5 weeks a year,-old
timers) our special procedure TAT drops below the required threshold
showing that we need all our staff per day. Can't send them home even if
it is slow like they  do with nursing. Those daily, pain in the neck,
counts paid off recently to allow me to hire for a retiree. The big boss
loves our CPI counts and looks at them. He even reads the comment lines
where I justify my added-in hours for projects like" discard specimens
in morgue) or any thing "gross". The transcription area uses TAT for
gross and rush tapes done by a certain hour. Its a lot to ask my staff
to write but now that we've been doing it for a while they are pretty
good at it. When I go on vacation I have a lot to input but its worth
it. Now, the USO are tied to payroll and any variences of a certain
amount in UOS or payroll have to be justified by me to my boss and by
her to administration. So I'm a little grayer !!!. Bonnie Yanosy

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