anecdotal horror stories

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From:john & jane munro <> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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 Dear Friends
   I am creating an article for which I would like to have anecdotal
stories about the mis-handling (fixation, mis-labeling, abuse, etc) of
cytology and/or tissue specimens.  I DON'T want names, places or any
info that would connect the incident to anyone or any place.  The story
can be altered in any way necessary to protect anyone or any place
involved.  I'm interested only in the complete situation as it relates
to the specimen and the consequences of the "mis-handling".  You can
respond to me on
the net or directly if you like at either of the addresses below.

                                                               Thank you
in advance

John Munro
Twin Falls Clinic & Hosp.
Twin Falls ID 83301

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