Sudan Black B

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Hi Histonetters,
	I wanted first thank everyone for their ideas and responses to my
inquiry on mounting medias for sudan black B.  Secondly, I want to pass on
the successful (yea!) results from many responses that I received.  The only
media that (so far) has worked to permanantly mount my sudan black B slides
is Crystal/mount.  It dried solidly and quickly (at 70-80?) so that the
lipid (which I don't think is soluble in it) did not have time to dissolve
out into the mountant.  I'm going to try mounting the crystal/mounted slides
with permount and coverslipping them.
Thanks again!
*	Jenn Johnson
*	Principal Research Associate
*	Genzyme Corporation
*	P.O. Box 9322
*	Framingham MA 01701
*	ph-508-271-3610

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