Retic stain(s)

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Dear M.
Retic.stains are not difficult and the Gomori method is a great technique...
but you "MUST" remember one important factor.  Inconsistent results are
caused by the way the "ammoniacal silver solution" is made.  The sensitivity
of staining is controlled by the balance between ammonia and silver nitrate in
this solution and you "MUST" be careful not to add too much ammonia when
clearing the solution. Stop short of a clear solution and err on the side of
"dirty" if you know what I mean.  This is the biggest mistake histotechs make
when making ammoniacal silver.  Filter the "dirty" solution and proceed.
Livermakes the best control for retic stains.

I have assumed that your oxidizer, sensitizer and reducing solution are all

Robert Lott, HTL(ASCP)
Baptist Health System
Birmingham, AL

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