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      We also have a disposal in each sink of our grossing stations. We
     rarely use it because it always blows a fuse resulting in more grief
     than it is worth..not to mention the number of times tissue gets stuck
     in it.  We have found it much easier to just put the stopper in the
     drain and empty the stopper in the trash as needed. Repairing the
     units take forever and are a nuisance....Hope this helps.

     Vicki Gauch
     Albany Medical Center

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Subject: RE: disposal
Author:  Alex Brown <> at Internet-Mail
Date:    2/15/99 9:26 AM

Hi Pam,
 We have a waste disposal unit in our sink. It does jam
occasionally ( when someone drops a blade or cassette down it ) but I
wouldn't be without it..
  Alex Brown
  Kilmarnock, Scotland.
To: histonet
Subject: disposal
Date: 14 February 1999 19:30

I would like to know if other histo departments have a disposal in the
sink at the grossing station.  Every other hospital I have ever workd at
has, but at my current job we  have been told that it is an infectious
hazard and we could not get one.  It seems to me having to pick the all
the lovely stuff out of the sink drain by hand is more of a hazard.  Is
this something new I don't know about.  I would like to have some facts
to take to my supervisor on this.  Thanks for the help.

Pam Krenek

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