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You could try either monoclonal antibody from Dako (M0776, necessary to use
microwave cooking in citrate buffer, dil.1:50-1:100, Strept/HRP) or
monoclonal from BioGenex (clone Snp88, no pretreatment, dil. 1:200-1:300,
Strept/HRP). I tried them on animal tissues but you should not have any
problem with human material.


ANN MARUSKA <AMARUSK1@FAIRVIEW.ORG> on 11.02.99 22:09:57

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Subject:  synapto

Hi Histonetters!
 My IHC pathologist has been complaining that the Synaptophysin we use is
not specific's staining more things than what she wants. I am
currently using Dako's #A010 at a 1:75 titer on the NexES with protease #1.
Has anyone else experienced this complaint?  What are you folks out there
using?  This inquiring mind wants to know!
 Thanks in advance.
Ann Maruska
Fairview-University Med Ctr
Mpls. MN 55454

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