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From:Ms Louise Taylor <> (by way of histonet)
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Hi Sarah,
What you do will depend on the level of co-operation you can expect
from your people. If it is a large group it is almost impossible to
get more than 50% compliance in any event you may want to organise.
But here are some thing that we have tried. I am a food/ outdoor
person so dont be surprised if this is what I favour.

Why not try a weekend away? We have had, for the last 2 years an
informal pathology meeting where 2 sister departments from different
cities meet at a halfway point. This way you can organise some
academic meetings, games and/or other outdoor activities. It is
an ideal way to combine relaxation with getting to know one
Another outdoor option is the so called "team building"
exercise- where you all go out and do something adventurous such as
whitewater rafting. This requires at least someone with some
expertise in the activity, but there are companies that specialise in
organising such events.
More simplistically, "dinner or tea"  with a regional or ethnic theme
if you are a cosmopolitan group, will go a long way
to get people to socialise and commit themeselves to an activity

Best regards
louise taylor
South Africa.

On 22 Feb 99 at 15:06, Sarah A. Jones wrote:

I have recently been appointed as regional chairman for what our parent
company calls a "Culture Committee".  The whole idea is to plan some events,
contests, etc., to help create & stimulate a more positive employee morale.
As it is most places these days, our budget is rather small for this
project.  I am wondering if any of you out there in Histonet-land have some
ideas from things you have done in the past; and if so, I wonder if you
would be so kind as to share them with me?

Sarah Jones

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