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From:"Marshall, Sharon, Mrs" <> (by way of histonet)
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> Date:          Thu, 18 Feb 1999 22:51:19 -0800
> From:          Barry Rittman <>
> Subject:       Re: normal tissues ? CHTN

> Sharon,
> 		I am not familiar with this source but would humbly offer
>some advice.
> We also teach histology to dental students and have done so for medical
> students in the past. For a majority of tissues that they need to study,
> animal tissues which are well fixed are usually appropriate. In some
> instances they may be better, as for example when teaching the models of
> the functional lobules of the liver whcih are well defined in rat and pig
> but not as well delineated in the human. The study of development including
> tooth development is also is usually carried out using animal tissues for
> obvious reasons.

We do use pig liver but we also like to show them human if possible.

> The only problem we have encountered is a lack of appreciation of size of
> individual tissues such as the esophagus and trachea in the human.

Yes I agree. That is why I would like to show them human if possible.

> I would suggest that you start to build up a collection of well fixed human
> tissue by collaborating with your local pathologist. While it is true that
> many tissues will not be well fixed if obtained after tissues have been
> processed, in many cases the pathologist will receive excess tissue and may
> be persuaded to subject part to a more thorough fixing and processing
> schedule for you.
> Another source is the oral surgeon especially if they are involved in
> reconstructive facial surgery.

I am aware that pathologists do receive excess tissue and I have
obtained the odd bit of tissue from surgery. I have just found that
trying to get them to cooperate with me is quite a problem. Even
asking nicely and leaving a list for the pathologists proved
fruitless. It seems you have to be there with them everyday otherwise
no luck. I have not got time for that.

> Perhaps we could also search in our collections for any well fixed human
> tissues for Sharon?
> Hang in there.
> Barry

I am going to try local sources again so thanks all the same. I was
just interested in the response I would get concerning CHTN. I have
come to the conclusion that what I have been doing all along myself
is probably the easiest, even if it is frustrating.

Sharon Marshall
South Africa

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