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Plus charged slides

Hello Sharon,

cheapest in Germany, as far as I know, for those slides is "Roth"
72 slides: 24,25 DM (without tax and shipping...) manufactured by
"Menzel-Glaeser" Germany. I use them for in situ hybridization and have
never lost tissue.

You may get somewhere nearer...


Marshall, Sharon, Mrs wrote:

> Hi Gayle,
> Read in one of your e-mails that you sometimes use chrome gelatin to
> coat slides with. I have only ever used polylisine,albumin or apes.
> I have mostly been using apes. I would like to know how you make the
> chrome gelatin up. I would like to try it. Our apes method works
> quite well but is quite a long process. Nobody around here seems to
> have heard about plus charged slides. I do not think I will consider
> using them though. They sound expensive.
> Thanks
> Sharon Marshall
> Anatomy & Cell Biology
> University of Cape Town
> South Africa
> e-mail:

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