Re: Small cytologic specimen handling recommendations

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Or you give that new stuff a try it is called Histogel,all you do is add
it to the sediment in its liquid state, went it is warm. When the
histogel cools it turns to a soft, but firm gel that slides out and down
the test tube. You have a nice button to process and work with. The cell
structures are remarkable, and their is no back ground staining, if you
do get some back ground it is hardly noticeable. I keep a tube of it on
the counter at all times, melted and ready to go. Its great because of
the heating block and the cooling blocks available to heat up and cool
down fast. If your interested contact Richard-Allan Scientific.

Tony Henwood wrote:
> Since the material has been fixed in formalin the thrombin clot
> method may not be appropriate unless the tissue is well rinsed with
> buffer or saline prior to cell block formation.
> You could melt agar (obtained from any microbiology lab) and add this
> to the tissue. After gelling, process as usual, or
> Add a little alcohol to the pellet, mix and then add some OCT. Mix
> gently until a clot forms and continue processing from alcohol
> (Arisio Diagn Cytopath 8(4):424), or
> Try the Shandon cell block technique which works quite well as long
> as the tissue does not come into contact with phosphate salts.
> Tony Henwood

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