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From:A G DU TOIT <AGDT@GERGA.SUN.AC.ZA> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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Dear Kimberley,
We have been using two of the Linistain stainers for the last almost
ten years without any problems.  On one of the machines we had to
replace a gearbox while still under guarantee.  They are working very
nicely and I must say they are in daily use.  So far we never had any
problems with tissue coming lose from the  slide.  The temp is set at
65 deg C.  The time it takes for a slide to move from one reagent to
the next is about 20 seconds.
Hope this help a bit.
Andre du Toit.
Department of Anatomical Pathology
Tygerberg Hospital.
Cape Town
South Africa

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