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I'll address the question that I haven't seen answered yet.  I do keep
titer records, but I don't retain titer slides.  (I'd be drowning in them
by now!)  I do, however, keep 1 or 2 examples of "good" staining on each
antibody.  I have a separate alphabetical file for these, and I have found
it to be invaluable for times when I feel that the antibody has "drifted",
or for rarely used antibodies, or when I have visitors who want to see what
a specific antibody should look like, or when my boss wants to take a
picture of "just one good example of ......(whatever).

>Hi Histoinans !
>   I would like some help with titering my immunohistochemical primary
>antibodies, please.
>   How many dilutions and in what ranges. What does an economical pipette for
>this procedure cost? Do you use titer records & retain titer slides? Do you
>adjust antibodies on special request from the Pathologist to demonstrate
>specifically “hot” markers?
>   I’ve told my Pathologists that we need to invest in the pipette for proper
>titering procedure. I keep records of the dilutions we arrive at and make the
>Pathologist sign off on each lot of primary antibody.
>   Thank You for any help
>            Respectfully
>               Verrucous

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