Re: IHC on hard tissue

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From:Patsy Ruegg <> (by way of histonet)
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Ha, Ha, good luck Russ, it will not be easy.  Where is the protein of
interest found?  With hard tissue a lot of things get in the way of
access to the epitope of interest, especially calcification.  We always
treat the sections with edta before IHC to decalcify for matrix markers
or any kind of marker for bone lining cells.  I would suggest to your
researcher that he cut a thin piece of the tooth with a diamond saw,
decalcify it (I recommend 5% formic acid for IHC) and process it into
paraffin for IHC, he could still grind away the rest of the sample.  Of
course, this would be for next time, not sure what you are going to do
with the ground section you have.  My two sence worth.

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