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From:Tim Morken <> (by way of histonet)
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This is tough question because labs are so different in how they do
things. What I recommend is comaring your staffing over the last several
years (the farther back the better) to your workload over the same
period. If you can show that your staffing has stayed the same as work
has increased you will have a case to make.

Tim Morken, B.A., EMT(MSA), HTL(ASCP)
Infectious Disease Pathology
Centers for Disease Control
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Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 17:59:56 -0500
From: Richard Cartun <>
Subject: Histology Staffing

Dear Colleagues:

I believe Histonet had information on this subject before, but I didn't
take good notes.  I need to evaluate staffing in our Histology and =
Immunopathology Laboratories.  It is my impression that we are severely
understaffed and I need to convince our administration that we need to =
hire more people before "the ship sinks".   I have numbers regarding
FTEs, =
surgical and autopsy accessions, blocks processed, slides cut,
H&E-stained =
slides, histochemical stains, immunoperoxidase slides,
immunofluorescence =
cases, etc.  Where do I go from here?

Richard W. Cartun, Ph.D.
Director, Immunopathology
Co-Director, Histology
Hartford Hospital
Hartford, CT  06102
(860) 545-1596

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