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Dear everyone- I have been gone for a week so here goes.
Gayle Callis is, of course,  right on re: chrome alum gelatin subbed
slides---alos if you get a background and you are doing AgNO3 staining-
Silver-You can inse slide gently AND quickly in a dilute( 10 drops to 400
mls H2O) solution on NH4OH --ammonia water----then wipe any excess around
tissue section off with dilute solution prior to running down thru dist
h2o; etohs and xylenes .
Also, on the  Gomori'S Retic--you musdt filter solution thru filter paper
over slides slowly---if you lay them on a staining rack-horizontal-  you
can then rotate the rack gently forward and backwards----thjat always
solved my problems----also-don't forget to refrigerate the agno3
Double plus slides may be purchased from Fisher.
The large slides are best and most easily purchased thru Brain Research
lLabs--their # has been shoen here often--ask for Nora.They really help
with any situation.
To the gal who needs fresh-formalin grossly cut tissue---to trim etc. BY
HERSELF---I have skin and am awaiting the rest for you.
To anyone who needs a great Gallyas stain call 314 362 7421 and ask for
Deborah---she has a modification to the Braak &raak method.
To anyone who needs a great neurofibrillary/senile plaque stain- I gave
the reference two weeks ago--will again if need be----one id for tangles
and one is better for plaques---They are my modifications of the tried and
true UCLA Modification of the Bielschowsky stain.

                                With warmest regards,
				Louise "Beezie" Burrell
				Chief Technologist-Cancer Center
				Tissue Procurement Core Facility
				Campus Box #8056
				Washington University School of Medicine
				St. Louis, MO.  63110
				Ph:  314-454-7615
				Fax: 314-454-5525

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