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Hi Laurie,

The most specific way would be to do immunohistochemistry. At the vet
school at UC Davis they have antibodies for Toxo as well as Sarcocystis
(possibly Neospora too?) I don't know the source of their antibodies and
whether you would be able to get any of them, but there also may be the
option of you sending the sections to them and having them do the immuno
for a fee. The contact there would be Diane Naydan, and the main number for
the pathology dept. is 530-752-1368. Diane's e-mail address is

Cindy Farman

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From:	Laurence Reilly []
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Subject:	Toxoplasma

Hi everyone,
Can anyone help me with a stain to demonstrate Toxoplasma organisms in
tissue sections? Thanks in advance.
                     Regards,  Laurie.

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