RE: IHC on mouse or rat tissue & CSA related problem

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> Subject: 	IHC on mouse or rat tissue & CSA related problem
> Hi Histonetters
> I have 2 queries ? I have always done immunohistochemistry (IHC) on
> human tissue. I understand the theory and enjoy doing IHC . I am
> however curious about the protocol when doing IHC on mouse,rabbit or
> any other host . Does one need to use a host absorbed secondary
> antibody  or is it type specific? I gather that there may be cross
> reaction from species to species. Any information on this would be
> helpful. Thanks in Advance.
We usually try to use absorbed or isotype specific secondaries whenever
possible for animal tissue. Vector usually provides crossreactivity data
with their secondaries which can also be helpful. Also, if you have to use a
mouse monoclonal on mouse tissue I've found the ARK kit from Dako to be
useful as well as the HistoMouse kit from Zymed. I don't use the CSA kit so
I can't answer your second question.

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