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From:Andrea Kaj <> (by way of histonet)
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Dear Greg

I introduced the Leica TP1050 in my lab in 1995 I believe. At that time
it was a brandnew model. In the beginning we had some technical
difficulties, but they were fixed immediately by Leica staff. If I
remember correct, the TP is produced in Australia - so be aware if there
is efficient service support in your local area.

The programming is very flexible and that was very important, since I
was working with research at that time. It is very easy to empty and
fill, as well as thepower when melting paraffin is tremendous.

Drawbacks would be vapors. I think there was to many vapors from xylene,
so I had a local fumehood installed. After that there were no problems
at all.
Kind regards Andrea

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