NIce sections through murine adult lens

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From:Carolyn Pressman <> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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Dear Lynn Gardner,
Thanks for all the great tips on murine eye fixation.  Fixing in penfix
seems to preserve the tissue better.  I have 2 questions.  During
dehydration/clearing, I seemed to have a small problem:  about 50% of the
eyeballs imploded slightly.  When I section through these eyes, the
tissue is ok, but the lens has moved from its normal position, to a
position closer to the posterior retina, and the anterior chamber has
collapsed on top.  Is this normal?
My second question:  I am sectioning through the eye until I hit lens.  I
took the block off the microtome, and set it in a dish of ice with 0.5%
ammonium hydroxide for 15 minutes-30 minutes.  This worked great for the
lens for about 10 sections (7um).  I had to repeat this procedure to get
more nice sections.  Is this typical also, or should you be able to
section through the whole eye after soaking?
Thanks in advance!
Carolyn Pressman
MD Anderson Cancer Center
University of Texas-Houston

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