Microwave Processing

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From:"Schray, Carrie" <Carrie.Schray@wl.com> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <histonet@magicnet.net>
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I have just joined the histonet, so I am not sure if this topic has been
discussed recently.  I was curious if anyone has been successful in doing
microwave fixation, processing or decalcification.  If so, I would like to
know what kind of microwave you use, any protocols available and what you
personally think about the whole idea.  If you have any references to
companies that sell microwaves that would be helpful too. We are interested
in processing larger tissues in a faster time frame (aren't we all??!!?)

Carrie Schray, HT(ASCP)
Parke-Davis Pharmaceuticals
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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