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For several years I have been searching for really good laser-printer
labels for microscope slides and cryovials.

The primary criteria I have had:
1) Histology labels of 24mm by 24mm or 7/8inch x 7/8 inch
2) Cyro labels of 12mm x 35mm or 1/2 inch x 1 1/2 inch
3) be on a 81/2 x 11 inch sheet.
4) be capable of use in the laser printer (8mm margin minimum).
5) be capable of several passes in the laser printer.
6) the print must not come off even with vigorous scratching.
7) for cryo use, capable of standing up to freezing and wet conditions.

(I didn't make chemical resistance a criteria because the labels are
typically attached to the slide after all work is done. If you want
chemical resistance, thermal printer labels, such as the DAKO Seymour,
are the best)

I have tried many but have only found one maker that I am partially
satisfied with (Nalgene PolyPaper). Their labels meet some the criteria
but, unfortunately, Nalgene has made a huge mistake in formatting the
labels on the sheet: the labels on the edge of the sheet are too close
to the edge (2mm margin) to print on with a normal laser printer so that
only 54 of 88 labels are printable. In fact, all the Nalgene PolyPaper
laser labels have this problem. I have contacted Nalgene several times
asking them to correct this problem, but they don't seem interested for
some reason.

Now I have found two other label companies who are willing to make slide
labels that are better than the Nalgene labels. They are better in that
they are more scratch-resistant (which didn't seem possible to me!) and
they are formatted correctly so that all the labels can be used.

The draw-back is that they will only make these labels on a custom
basis, which means they are expensive (from a similar price to 3 x more
per sheet than the Nalgene labels, plus a $500 to $700 set-up fee with a
minimum order of up to 1000 sheets).

Here's where I hope some of you can help. These companies are completely
unaware of the histology slide market. I have been telling them that
there is potenially a big market for these labels and that if they will
simply make and market them they will sell them as fast as they can make
them. I think that's a good assumption considering the way labs are now
starting to use computers and laser printers to do many things now.

Both of these companies make excellent labels that meet all the
criteria. The labels are polyester, will not tear or come off slides or
tubes. The print is virtually impossible to scratch off. They work

The cryolabels are fairly easy to get. Both companies below have
cryolabels that meet the standards in a good size for micro-tubes used
for antibody aliquoting.

I would like to ask any of you who would be interested in slide labels
like those described to contact these companies and let them know there
are more labs than our own who want these labels. I am hoping we can
convince them to make these labels and sell them at a reasonable price.
A reasonable price would be USD 2.50 per sheet of 88 labels. That is
what the Nalgene labels cost.

Computer Imprintable Label Systems (CILS)
100 Cummings Center - 465E
Beveryly, MA USA 01915

Attention: Christine Koretz, Technical Sales Executive

(This company is based in England, and goes by the same name there)

Diversified Biotech.
208 V.F.W. Parkway
Boston, MA 02132
Fax: 617-323-5641

Attention: Thomas M. Prezioso, C.S.R. (

Thanks for your help in trying to get a good product going for histology

Tim Morken, B.A., EMT(MSA), HTL(ASCP)
Infectious Disease Pathology
Centers for Disease Control
1600 Clifton Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30333


FAX:  (404)639-3043

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