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To: Katri Tuomala <katri@istar.ca>
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This is a very good question and you will probably get a million different
answers as each pathologist has his/her own idea of what is best. With a
3-4 mm punch biopsy we usually place 3-4 sections on the slide and may take
levels if the pathologist deems necessary. It is best to ask the
pathologist what they would like as it may be necessary to do this on a
case by case basis depending on the clincial findings. To my knowledge
there are no regulations on how many sections need to be on a slide it is
usually designated by the pathologist. I hope this is helpful.

Lynn Gardner, HT(ASCP)

At 11:00 PM 2/23/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Ray Collins wrote:
>>  Histonet members:
>>  We are looking for opinions/protocols/regulations on the number of
>>  sections per slide and the number of slides per skin biopsy
>>  that your Pathologist feels the most comfortable with, in making a
>>  diagnosis.
>>  Our definition of a skin biopsy for this survey is a 3-4 mm punch,
>>  a small nevus, etc.
>>  Thanking you in advance,
>>  Ray Collins,
>>  Functional Specialist,
>>  Dept. of Pathology,
>>  London Health Sciences Center,
>>  London, Ontario, Canada
>>  (519)-667-6631
>Hi Ray,
>In our histolab this varies from one pathologist to another. Punch
>biopsies done for certain skin diseases are treated as "Diagnostic"
>meaning that nine numbered slides are cut and numbers 1,4 and 7 get H&E
>staining. Rest are kept unstained until futher notice. Nevi, melanomas,
>skin carcinomas 1, 2 or 3 levels cut depending on the pathologist
>Katri Tuomala
>Anatomic Pathology
>St.Joseph's Hospital
>Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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