Fw: a thank "u" + another ?

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From:Jim Ball <xryhisto@ovis.net> (by way of histonet)
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From: Jim Ball <xryhisto@ovis.net>
To: histonet@swmed.edu <histonet@swmed.edu>
Date: Thursday, February 18, 1999 5:26 PM
Subject: a thank "u" + another ?

>Thanks to every one that responded to the thyroid question, but I had
>already tried most of the solutions suggested. The one thought that was
>along the lines I was thinking along were the S. bodies mentioned by one
>person on the net. I did'nt check the dx. today but I will make apoint to
>find out if they were present tommorow.
>       My second mind grabing question is what do most of you feel is the
>right tickness for IHC tissue section. I have read with interest the fact
>that IHC seems to work well on thin sections. I have had some luck with 2
>micron sections but every one seem to think 4 micron sections are the way
>go. I really hate cutting thick sections and losing cytologic detail. Any
>thoughs along this line. Oh yea my speeling stinks, so all English major
>need not respond it does nothing for the tinctorial quality of my work.

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