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Hi histonetters,
I would like to suggest to anyone having a problem with a section either
frozen or paraffin being flat on the slide you might want to consider a
tape-transfer system. For paraffin sections not only will the section be
flat and intact, but the method eliminates the water bath and drying steps
completely. You are ready to deparaffinize within one minute after cutting
the section.

For frozen sections their is a very important additional advantage and that
is the section is not melted in the mounting step, where in the conventional
method a room temperature slide is used to capture the section. With the
tape-transfer method the frozen section cut onto a cold tape and is
transferred to a cold adhesive-coated slide inside the cryostat. The section
is finally immersed in a fixative where the section is being fixed
simultaneously with the melting of the ice. If the tissue was snap-frozen
the resulting morphology is excellent!

Please visit our web site for more details of the process,


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