eye processing & sectioning

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From:"Marshall, Sharon, Mrs" <marshall@anat.uct.ac.za> (by way of histonet)
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Dear Lynn,

I was very interested to see the reply on eye processing you sent to
Carolyn. I am involved with the preparation of slides for our second
year medic's neuroscience course. The slide on the eye which they
view in order to gain knowledge on it's normal histological
appearance is terrible. None of the layers are intact. I wonder if
you would mind sending me the two protocols you mentioned to Carolyn.
I have never heard of Pen-fix. Is there a recipe for it? I use
Carsons for most fixation procedures in my Lab.
When you pour the 0.25-0.5% ammonium hydroxide into a dish containing
ice  for lens sectioning what is the proportion of this solution to
ice?  I would ideally like to show our students a human eye but that
might be difficult to acquire. Do you have any recommendations as to
which animal would be closes to human in respect of the eye?
Sorry about all the questions!

Sharon Marshall
Anatomy & Cell Biology
University of Cape Town
e-mail: marshall@anat.uct.ac.za

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